1,000,000 Wakanda INU when you saved N5,000 [Ended]

remicash is launching an airdrop activity with 1,000,000 Wakanda Inu to be won.

Promotion period: 2021–11–11 09:00 AM (WAT) to 2021–11–18th 11:59 PM (UTC).

New or existing users who complete all of the tasks below will be eligible to get 1,000,000 WKD airdrops:

1. Create a remicash account (or log in if you already have an account).
2. Deposit a minimum of N5,000 within the promotional window.
3. Submit your remicash email to our telegram support to confirm your participation.

1,000,000 Wakanda Inu tokens will be credited to your remicash wallet.

For those who save more

We count the multiples N5,000 in any amount you saved and reward you.

N10,000 gives you 2,000,000 Wakanda INU token

N20,000 gives you 4,000,000 Wakanda INU token

N30,000 gives you 6,000,000 Wakanda INU token.

N50,000 gives you 10,000,000 Wakanda INU token.

N100,000 gives you 20,000,000 Wakanda INU token.

Any amount you saved, we count the multiples of N5,000 in that amount and reward you.

Why Wakanda INU

  1. The newest meme token out there
  2. Made in the adventure spirit of Africans
  3. Pretty low right now
  4. Speculated to get to 1 cent or 0.1 cent

Breakdown of 1,000,000 WKD by price milestone

You don’t want to miss this.

1 WKD = $1 you will have $1 million (500 million naira)

1 WKD = $0.1 you will have $100,000 (50 million naira)

1 WKD = $0.01 you have $10,000 (5 million naira)

1 WKD = $0.001 you have $1000 (500 thousand naira)

1 WKD = $0.0001 you have $100 (50,000 thousand naira)

You don’t want to miss this….Learn more about Wakanda Inu.

Disclaimer: Investing in cryptocurrencies is risky. This is not a financial claim or advice to invest in cryptocurrencies. You’re required to do your own research before investing.

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