100,000 DogeCoin Airdrop [ENDED]

100,000 DogeCoin to be won

remicash is launching an airdrop activity with 100,000 DogeCoin to be won.

Promotion period: 2022–02–24 02:00 PM (WAT) to 2022–03–03 01:59 PM (WAT).

New or existing users who complete all of the tasks below will be participate to share a pool of 100,000 DogeCoin airdrops:

  1. Create a remicash account (or log in if you already have an account)
  2. Deposit a minimum of N5,000 into your USD account within the promotional window.
  3. Users will share in a pool of 100,000 DOGE

Maximum Reward: 100,000 DOGE

Minimum Reward: 10 DOGE

Maximum Deposit: 50,000,000 NGN

Minimum Deposit: 5,000 NGN

How rewards are calculated?

The DOGE reward for each participating user is Individual Deposit / Minimum Deposit ) * Minimum Reward.


John deposits 15,000 NGN during the promotion window.

John will recieve a ratio of 15,000 NGN / 5,000 NGN) or 300% of Minimum Reward (30 DOGE).

The higher amount committed, the higher John receives.

Terms and Condition

  1. Only remicash account holders (both new and old) can participate in this airdrop.
  2. Deposit made before or after the promotional window won’t be eligible for any reward. Only new deposits within the promotional window are eligible.
  3. Rewards will be distributed 3 days after the activity ends to participants based on the rule.
  4. remicash reserved the right to cancel or amend any Activity or Activity Rules at our sole discretion.

Risk warning: Investing in cryptocurrency is risky. This is not a financial claim or advice to invest in cryptocurrencies. You are advised that remicash is not responsible for your crypto asset losses.



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