Deposit — FAQ

What you need to know about Remicash Deposits

2 min readFeb 21, 2022


How can I deposit?

There are two accounts on Remicash.

  1. USD
  2. NGN

To deposit, tap on “Deposit”, choose any of the account options (either NGN, USD). Then select how you will like to pay (Bank transfer, Bitcoin, or rCode). Finally, enter the amount and proceed to payment.

PS: Note that you can fund your USD, NGN with naira. You don’t need to have dollars or Bitcoin, or any other currency respectively before you fund those accounts.

What is the minimum amount I can deposit?

The minimum amount you can deposit is 50 NGN. The maximum amount you can deposit is 500,000 NGN.

PS: There are no minimum or maximum if you are paying with Bitcoin or any other digital currency outside of the currency standard.

Is there a fee for depositing on Remicash?

There is no fee when depositing into your Remicash account.

PS: Your bank or transfer app or third party method may charge you their fee. This fee belongs to them not Remicash; Remicash doesn't charge for deposits.

What are the methods of payment?

There are multiple payments options and we plan to add more payment options over time.

The common option is to pay via Agent Bank transfer.

How can I deposit via P2P Agent?

Select Bank Transfer Agent as your method of payment. You will be asked to pay into an agent bank account number. Once you transfer the fund, tap on the “I’ve Paid” button. Agent recieve your money and confirm your payment.

P2P agents are verified and experienced individuals who collect and disbursed payments on behalf of Remicash.

Is transferring via P2P safe?

Transfer via Remicash P2P Agent is safe. All agents on Remicash is verified and experienced individuals.

What if the P2P Agent fails to confirm my payment?

Payments via Agents are escrowed — your money is protected and an Agent has no choice but to confirm your payment so long you sent it.

If an Agent is failing to confirm payment outside of the payment time frame, kindly contact Remicash support via email ( or Telegram.




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