How to Buy Bitcoin in Nigeria on Trustwallet with Card

2 min readMay 24, 2022
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This post explains how you can buy Bitcoin in Nigeria on Trustwallet with your card.

There are other ways you can purchase Bitcoin in Nigeria, but paying with a card on Trustwallet is easier and more convenient.

To buy Bitcoin in Nigeria with a debit card, you will need to get a virtual dollar card and fund it. If you don’t have a virtual card, here is how to get the best dollar card for crypto in Nigeria.

1. download the Trustwallet app

If you are yet to download the Trustwallet app, kindly click here to download the app and set up your account.

Trustwallet on Appstore and Google Playstore

Once you set up your account, you can continue with the next step below.

2. buy bitcoin on Trustwallet

Open the Trustwallet app and follow the steps below:

Buy Bitcoin on Trustwallet — steps ` remicash
  1. Tap on the Buy icon (at the top of the app)
  2. Choose Bitcoin (BTC) as the coin you want to buy. If you can’t see Bitcoin, kindly search for it.
  3. Enter the amount you want to buy in dollars
  4. Select MoonPay as the payment provider and tap on Next.
  5. Wait for a few seconds and you will be taken to to make payments.
  6. Enter the dollar card details you created and proceed

Your payment will be processed successfully and Bitcoin will be added to your Trustwallet account within 30 minutes.

3. buy other cryptos on Trustwallet

Not only Bitcoin, but you can also purchase other coins on Trustwallet. Simply follow the steps above, but instead of selecting Bitcoin, select the coin you want to buy e.g DOGE and proceed with the rest instructions.

Note: Fees are included when purchasing crypto with cards. Your Card provider is not likely to charge. However, the payment provider (e.g MoonPay) will charge you by including the fees in the price.

Happy Bitcoining!




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