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How Remicash Invite Program works

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How it works

  1. Your Invitee signup on Remicash
  2. Earn crypto by doing a transaction up to 2000 NGN (buy airtime or lock cash).
  3. Then apply your invite code.

What is the Invite code?

Your invite code is your Remicash username. You can find your username under your Account section. Your Invite code can also be found in your Invite section.


You earn 1,000 NGN when your Invitee does any of the following.

  1. Buy airtime up to 2,000 NGN
  2. Lock up to 2,000 NGN
  3. Deposit at least 5 USD into their USD wallet.

Questions you may ask

Who is eligible to invite?

Anyone with a remicash account is eligible to invite.

How much do I earn on each invite?

You earn 1000 NGN and your Invitee get 350 NGN when your Invitee completes the criteria.

Can I invite multiple friends?

You can invite as many as you can. You will be rewarded so long each Invitee completes the criteria.

How can I find my Invite code?

Your invite code is your remicash username. You can find your username under your Account section.

What is the Invitee criteria?

Your Invitee deposits up to 2,000 NGN. Then either purchases Airtime, Bills or Lock up to 2,000 NGN.

I have been invited by a friend, how do I input to get the reward?

Simply open your remicash account and Tap on Invite, tap on “Enter Invite Code”, then enter the code to recieve your reward.

How can I receive the reward?

The 1000 NGN will be paid to your NGN account the next morning.

Can I withdraw the money from my NGN account?

You can withdraw money from your NGN account at any time.

How long does withdrawal take?

Withdrawals on NGN are processed within 2 to 24 hours.

Why didn’t I recieve credit for a friend I invited?

Make sure your invitee has completed the necessary criteria and has entered your invite code to Get Reward.

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