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3 min readApr 2, 2022


A photo of Chidimma Amaogaranya sent to us by her

At Remicash, we believe Bitcoin is the true money/asset for all. Not having Bitcoin is a disservice to humanity. Our mission is to make sure everyone has and uses Bitcoin irrespective of their income and low budget.

We do this by helping you earn a 3% crypto reward when you save and spend on airtime or bills. And to guide you through the process of achieving this, we shine a spotlight on one user(Bitcoiner) every month where we ask them about their experience and how the product has helped them save, spend, and earn crypto.

So, here we go, Meet Chidimma.

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Tell us a little about yourself and what you do?

My name is Amaogaranya Chidimma. I’m a Biochemist and presently working as a Quality Control Analyst in one of the reputable companies in Nigeria. Luckily I’m also a member of the Remicash family.

How did you get to know about cryptocurrency? What was your first coin?

Okay, I got to know about cryptocurrency through a friend but was sceptical about the whole thing as I didn’t know who to trust with my funds having heard stories of how the market appreciates and depreciates and how capital is lost.

Not until Remicash was recommended by a Boss whom I revered so much.
Not just about the recommendation but what really got me interested was the fact that I can actually earn crypto without risking my capital.

And yes, my first coin was BNB.

When did you start using Remicash? And how did you get to hear about Remicash?

I started using Remicash in the month of July 2021. I heard about them through a recommendation on Facebook by a Boss.

Okay, when did you get BNB and what’s the experience with BNB so far?

I earned BNB in the month of August 2021 as the first interest for my savings in USD. The experience has been an amazing one as I watch my coin value appreciate and also depreciate at some point.

But it’s an interesting one as my capital has never for once been affected by the market as I gradually earn my coins without high blood pressure.

Which feature do you like the most on Remicash? And why do you like it?

The feature I like the most is the AIRTIME RECHARGE feature. I like it because it helps me earn crypto currency on daily basis unlike the USD Savings and others in which we earn on monthly basis.

What advice can you give to anyone about the benefits of using Remicash?

There are many benefits of using Remicash but summarily I can say that all I have made since I started using Remicash is profit.

No matter how small you may think it is; little drops of water they say makes a mighty ocean.

Never cease to utilize any airdrop opportunity as that can be your stepping stone to success in no distant time.

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Thank you for reading.

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