#MeetARemicashBitcoiner: Daniel Idris

Bitcoin Earner of The Month — February

Daniel Idris Photo, Remicash Bitcoiner of the month.

Tell us a little about yourself and what you do?

My name is Daniel Idris Mohammed, am a Griller, that’s a person that prepares Barbeques. I grill, which simply means the preparation of fish, seafood, and so forth. I am also good at African dishes, I can also cook and prepare some delicacies.

How do you get to know about cryptocurrency? What was your first coin?

Basically, I came to understand cryptocurrencies through Remicash. The first coin I invested in was Dogecoin.

When did you start using Remicash? And how did you get to hear about Remicash?

I started using Remicash precisely last year March. It was introduced to me by Nelson.

Which feature do you like the most on Remicash? And why do you like it?

One of the best features I love the most on Remicash is the NGN account. Because in there, you can get paid for your recharging and the reward you have which is the Bitcoin. I really love it because it helps in saving. Even after spending you also save. I love that feature about the NGN account.

What advice can you give to anyone about the benefits of using Remicash?

There are many pieces of advice I can give but I will pick just a few.

How can people reach out to you?

If you want to reach out to me, I have my WhatsApp number which is +2348144088227. Basically, that is the medium of which you can get to me.



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