#MeetARemicashBitcoiner: Daniel Idris

Daniel Idris Photo, Remicash Bitcoiner of the month.

At Remicash, we believe Bitcoin is the true money/asset for all. Not having Bitcoin is a disservice to humanity. Our mission is to make sure everyone have and uses Bitcoin irrespective of their income and low budget.

We do this by helping you earn a 3% crypto reward when you save and spend on airtime or bills. And to guide you through the process of achieving this, we shine a spotlight on one user(Bitcoiner) every month where we ask them about their experience and how the product has helped them save, spend, and earn crypto.

Beginning with this month, we have our first Bitcoiner of the month, a Griller.

So, here we go, Meet Daniel Idris Mohammed.

Tell us a little about yourself and what you do?

My name is Daniel Idris Mohammed, am a Griller, that’s a person that prepares Barbeques. I grill, which simply means the preparation of fish, seafood, and so forth. I am also good at African dishes, I can also cook and prepare some delicacies.

How do you get to know about cryptocurrency? What was your first coin?

Basically, I came to understand cryptocurrencies through Remicash. The first coin I invested in was Dogecoin.

When did you start using Remicash? And how did you get to hear about Remicash?

I started using Remicash precisely last year March. It was introduced to me by Nelson.

Which feature do you like the most on Remicash? And why do you like it?

One of the best features I love the most on Remicash is the NGN account. Because in there, you can get paid for your recharging and the reward you have which is the Bitcoin. I really love it because it helps in saving. Even after spending you also save. I love that feature about the NGN account.

What advice can you give to anyone about the benefits of using Remicash?

There are many pieces of advice I can give but I will pick just a few.

First, Remicash will give you the opportunity to save, spend, and earn at the same time.

Because in Remicash once you recharge using the NGN account you get paid 3% of N100 you recharged. And the payment also comes in crypto which if you can have patience enough, in the nearest future the sky is just our starting point.

So It has given us the benefit of how to save in crypto and also earn in crypto even when spending!

The best advice I can give to anybody that wants to come into Remicash, person should come in and exercise patience. Because in this thing it requires patience. Whatever will be big has to start small. Remicash to the moon.

How can people reach out to you?

If you want to reach out to me, I have my WhatsApp number which is +2348144088227. Basically, that is the medium of which you can get to me.

Thank you for reading.

Remicash Bitcoiner is a remicash user who earns Bitcoin on Remicash.

New to Remicash? Kindly learn more about us on our blog.

WAGMI (“We Are All Going to Make It”).



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