Withdrawals — FAQ

Can I withdraw from my remicash account?

Yes, you can.

Currently, you can withdraw from your remicash account to your Bank or Bitcoin wallet. More withdrawal options will be added over time.

How can I withdraw?

To withdraw, open your remicash account and tap on Withdraw, choose any of the following currency you want to withdraw (either NGN, USD, or others). Enter the amount and proceed.

What is the minimum amount I can withdraw?

Depending on the currency you are withdrawing. The minimum amount is 2,000 NGN or 5 USD.

The maximum amount you can withdraw per day is 200,000 NGN or 500 USD.

Is there a fee for withdrawing?

There is no fee when withdrawing any currency on remicash. This might change later in the future.

PS: Note that, there is a spread in the exchange rate when withdrawing USD, BTC or other currency to naira. The difference in the spread can be from 0 up to 3%.

How long does it take?

Withdrawal requests are submitted instantly, however it might take up to 24 hours to recieve funds on your Bank account.

Kindly contact remicash support via email (hello@remi.cash) or Telegram if you didn’t recieve your money after 24 hours.



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